Dr. Joan Tucker

Dr. Joan Tucker

My Healing Journey

The inspiration to share holistic healing strategies, stems from a personal experience as a patient in the health care system. Twelve years ago I had developed a stone in a salivary gland which was incurable through traditional medical strategies. In my time of despair, I was introduced to an Energy Healer, who helped me to understand how my own mindset could assist in releasing the physical pain and blockage. I learned first hand about the influence of positive thinking upon well being.

After that experience, I found myself drawn to all of the less traditional approaches to health and healing. Though I am classically trained as a medical doctor, I learned first hand that the art of healing can have many influences and dimensions. The constant thread, however, was a sense of optimism; a feeling that everything would work out, in some way or another. All outcomes would be viewed with interest and curiosity. I had opportunity to learn experientially, and became more interested in meditation, stillness and the influence of the stillness on our medical outcomes.

In 2012 I was involved in a near death hiking accident. The spiritual teachers advise that the Truth is in no escape. Facing a near death experience in conjunction with the surgeries, the fear, the loneliness and the many broken bones is an exercise in No Escape. Yet I had my spiritual grounding behind me, and I had the ability to be still. I believe that the ability to be still, to look at fear and uncertainty head on, was my personal saving grace. Acceptance of No Escape contributed to my full recovery and return to my professional and personal roles.

I believe that we have to find meaning in our suffering. The meaning for me has been to look deeply into that experience, and to synthesize what I could give back to the community, to my patients, to the healing world. My own personal disaster was my foray into writing, and finding my healing voice.  The full story has been published in Spirituality and Health Magazine in August 2016. To have full access to that story, click here