Dr. Joan Tucker

Dr. Joan Tucker

About Dr. Joan Tucker

Dr. Joan Tucker is a Canadian psychiatrist with extensive experience in Disability Medicine. More specifically, Dr. Tucker has worked as a consultant for a leading disability insurance carrier for the last 16 years, reviewing and consulting on mental health disability claims across the country.

Dr. Tucker is also a clinician, treating a wide variety of adults and youth suffering from a variety of mental health conditions. She has been on staff at North York General Hospital in the Adult Mental Health Department, since 1994.

Dr. Tucker has incorporated her holistic approach to mental health into her understanding and treatment of many mental health conditions. As the work absence rate due to mental health disability has skyrocketed over the years, Dr. Tucker has focused her skills on both evaluating and treating employees who are suffering from mental health conditions, which remove them from the workplace.

Dr. Tucker has created a focused strategy to return to work after mental health disability, which includes personal inquiry and reflection, guided by the workbook entitled “ The Humble Tiger; A Guide to using self compassion in Return to Work after Mental Health Disability”.

The foundations inherent in recovering from mental health disability can often be applied to other medical conditions. As we begin to fully appreciate the mind-body connection, we can see that negative mental attitudes can impact recovery. Moreover, many impairing medical conditions can contribute to anxiety and depression; these conditions further exacerbate overall function and negatively impact well being.  The  self- inquiry outlined in the Humble Tiger book series, may be used across medical specialties in order to enhance self awareness and recovery.